Morgan’s Story

I attend the University of Missouri and am blessed to play football for them. Most of my time is spent going to class, studying, and practicing football. I have very little free time and couldn’t wait for spring break in March. I heard about the medical mission through Ezra Vision Ministries and decided to spend my spring break serving in Haiti.


Morgan, Lesa, and Jackson

This was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made! My trip to Haiti was an amazing and life-changing trip! It was truly a blessing to be a part of a medical mission and serve the Lord and his people of Haiti. The relationships I built in Haiti were of immeasurable value, and I pray it will be everlasting. In Haiti, I had the opportunity to not only build a relationship with my team, but meet amazing people such as the Ortiz family who are full time missionaries with four kids, a campus crew team who were from UCLA that came to help build a wall, and of course the local Haitians. It was so awesome to see other people who have so much love for the Lord and hearts to give.



Morgan, Lesa, the Ortiz family, and some local children

In our medical mission, we provided physicals and medical examinations to 129 children of the school in Onaville, Haiti. There are so many needs in all aspects of their daily lives, such as food, water, shelter, and as I mentioned, health. Most of the kids that we saw had never seen a doctor in their lives, so it was a huge blessing to receive free assessments, medicine, and further direction for better health. As we expected, we encountered many needs and conditions. Serving, working and spending time with these kids was so fun and delightful! These were some of the cutest and most precious kids I have ever encountered!



Morgan assisting with a medical exam.


Morgan and some school chldren.

Through my experience in Haiti, it taught me many life lessons that will carry with me forever. This included a highlighted recognition of how self-absorbed our culture in America has become. I believe that we are called to not give up our lives to empty materialist missions, but to give our full lives to the Lord and his purpose. Now don’t get me wrong, this can be done within a huge range of everyday involvements because there is a need in all that we do. But do we really dedicate our WHOLE lives to the Lord? It is important to “not waste your words, your time, your talent or treasure on empty agendas.” (Canon) Leave your mark, and make your stamp in Heaven. In the US, we are so truly blessed in abundance. If we could only taste and see how the Lord is good. If everybody only recognized this and decided to devote just simple pieces of their abundance, this world would be such a better place. It was amazing to see how blessed many Haitians felt even as they had so little. It shows that in this life, the Lord is truly all we should want and need. On my trip, I came to the realization of the Lord’s call on my life to really serve him in EVERYTHING that I do from my sport in football, the classroom in school, and most certainly, the mission field as I definitely plan to return!



Morgan and school kiddos after their medical exams.



Onaville cuties!

Written by Morgan Steward


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