Poverty Perspective (through the eyes of an American boy)

Having been to Haiti, I have changed completely.  I don’t use phrases such as “I’m starving” or “I’m dying of thirst”.  Having been to Haiti, I know that there are people who really are starving and in need of water.  Several family members live together in tiny homes, often made of mud, sheets of tin, or just scraps of many different materials.  I saw children wearing only t-shirts.  It was hard to see so much poverty.  Before going to Haiti, I thought poverty was not having enough money and things you need or want.  I saw that it can go much deeper.  This is my new understanding of the poverty in Haiti.


I used to think poverty was this.


After visiting Haiti, I know that poverty looks more like this.


At the same time, I was surprised by the level of joy and excitment the Haitians had, especially the kids when we helped another missionary group with VBS.  You would have thought their favorite pop artist had come to their village!  I had the best time playing with the kids of Chambrun and Onaville.  We played basketball and soccer on Sunday afternoon.  I was amazed to watch many of them play sports on rough ground with no shoes.  The Haitian kids asked me three questions very often, “What’s your name, how old are you, and what are those things on your teeth?” (Braces!)  If they didn’t speak English, they’d just gesture at my teeth and sometimes made a disgusted face!

I also loved going to church in Chambrun and Onaville.  There was just a feeling in the air that Christ was loved and the people wanted more of Him.  The whole trip was worth my time and I hope you feel the same way if you think God has called you to go.



Some of the precious Onaville children with our youngest team member.

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