Treasured Memories

My mission trip to Haiti was a life-changing experience.  I have always been thankful for all the blessings God has given me, but I was even more thankful
after visiting Haiti.  Seeing how happy the Haitian people are with the little they have was amazing to me.  I loved the Sunday church services!   Just being a part of the service was a blessing and witnessing how they praise and worship our God in the heat and never complain.  We complain if the air conditioning isn’t cool enough or if the service lasts too long.

My job was to take pictures while we were there.   During Vacation Bible School, one of the activities was to have the children decorate picture frames.  I took individual pictures of each child for their frame.  They were so thrilled to have their pictures taken!  Well, my little printer could not develop the pictures fast enough, so I finished printing them at the camp and took them back the next day.  There were twice as many kids there the next day!   Due to our resources, we had to say you could only get your picture taken if you had a frame.  Well, the children that had frames took their pictures out and gave their frames to the new children so they could get a photo too!  We heard that one little boy even walked all the way home to show his mother his picture and came back, he was so proud.


One of the Haitian children asked me if I was Haitian and when I told him, “No, I’m American,” he said, “You look like me.”  I replied, “Yes, I do.”  I think we were the largest group of Black Missionaries to work with Nehemiah Vision Ministries (before Ezra Vision Ministries existed).  My prayer is more Blacks will want to go and experience the life-changing blessing I was given.  I can’t wait to go again, and I hope to see some of the children I met on my first trip.

Written by Gail McIntyre, EVM Director, Travel Preparation/Coordination

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