Sponsor a Child

Welcome to Ezra Vision Ministries’ “Sponsor a Child” Campaign. We are excited and thankful that you visited this page of our website. Students who are a part of this program attend school each day, and usually return home at the end of the school day to live in the surrounding community of Onaville, Haiti. Our teachers are caring and loving, and focus on teaching the children about God’s love as well as the basic educational needs.

Your investment in the student sponsorship is only $45 per month. Your gift provides your student with a quality education in a rural part of Haiti where over 40 percent of the children never have an opportunity to even attend school. Your sponsorship funds go toward:

  • A nutritious meal (oftentimes the only meal the child will eat in a day)
  • A physical once a year
  • The ability to see a doctor anytime it is needed
  • Tuition and teacher/administrative staff salaries
  • Books for half-price
  • School operating costs (supplies, etc.)

Once you make this important commitment to your child in Onaville, Haiti, you will receive:

  • An annual school photo
  • An annual report card
  • A Christmas card and photo

We hope you will prayerfully consider becoming a part of this campaign to help us eradicate illiteracy in Haiti. Thanks to sponsors like you, a child in Onaville, Haiti, will learn how to read, write, and calculate numbers. Without your support, many children in the rural areas of Haiti have little hope of escaping the cycle of illiteracy and poverty.

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