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Sponsor a Haitian Child - photo of boy

2014 GOALS

Fundraising Efforts Mission Projects
· Raise $250K to build a school in Onaville, Haiti completed in time for the 2014-2015 opening school year · Build a school to support the education of 295-325 children (K-6) in Onaville, Haiti
· Raise $25K to build 5 concrete (cinder block) homes · Build 5 concrete homes, moving families out of mud/cardboard/tin huts
· Raise $25K for medical teams and supplies · Host Medical Clinics providing dental, eye, and physical exams
  · Develop Haitian school teachers and administrators in pedagogical methods
  · Conduct 5 Vacation Bible School sessions
  · Send "Home Team" to conduct sports clinics, English as a Second Language classes, and support campus efforts

Tent City in Haiti Houses Boys at Home Haitian Children

Short-Term Missions with Life-long Impacts